[JNV] New Iran Briefing / Conscious Event (London) / Peace News Summer Camp

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Tue, 19 Jun 2012 09:55:35 +0100

1) New Iran briefing
2) Conscious Oil event 24 June
3) Peace News Summer Camp 26-30 July

1) Iran briefing

In the run-up to the Moscow negotiations between the great powers and
Iran, it has become clear that Iran is being asked to give up
'diamonds for peanuts' in the nuclear negotiations.

JNV has posted a new briefing on the Iran crisis: 'Moscow: A Turning
Point in the Iran Crisis?'



2) Conscious Oil London event

The Presence of Oil
2pm =96 6pm, Sunday 24 June

=93In many cultures, there are spirits of trees, rocks, water. What if
there is a spirit of oil? What would it see?=94

A workshop in poetry and/or prose responding to Emily Johns' JNV
exhibition, Conscious Oil.
During an afternoon of discussion and writing, led by poet Katherine
Gallagher and printmaker Emily Johns, we will find ways into the
'presence' of oil through an exploration of the pictures, writing
exercises and feedback.

=A315/=A312 including entry to the separate 7.30pm Sunday poetry (guest
poet Oliver Bernard).
=A312/=A310 workshop only.

Info: 020 8881 1418. Pre-booking essential.
This event is a benefit for Torriano Meeting House.



3) Peace News Summer Camp

Emily Johns and Milan Rai of JNV will be contributing to Peace News
Summer Camp, wearing their Peace News co-editor hats.

Book now at www.peacenewscamp.info.


Bring your contribution to a hothouse of creativity, a small
self-governed society run by democratic camp meetings, a viable
example of the kind of world we are trying to bring about. The Peace
News Summer Camp helps build a radical movement for the future by
building a living community today.

MAKING NONVIOLENT REVOLUTION is this year=92s theme, with a whole-day
workshop co-facilitated by renowned US activist George Lakey (see
http://tinyurl.com/lakeytour) and Seeds for Change

Other workshops include (all titles provisional):

> Chomsky=92s Politics with Milan Rai
> Iran with Milan Rai
> Expanding the Floor of the Cage: Reform and/or Revolution with Milan Rai =
and Lucy Lant
> What=92s NOT Being Cut: Military Projects in the Age of Austerity with An=
ne-Marie O=92Reilly (CAAT) and Daniel Blaney (CND)
> Right on Our Doorstep: Local Campaigning Against the Military-Industrial =
Complex with Smash EDO and anti-drones campaigners
> Diversity of Tactics: Are Street Violence and Property Destruction Revolu=
tionary =96 or Counter-Revolutionary? with Mika Minio-Paluello, Smash EDO &=
 George Lakey
> Take the Toys from the Boys: Militarism & Gender
> Contrasting Revolutions: Russia, China, Spain & Iran
> Building at the Grassroots: Radical Community Organising with Dave Morris=
 and Anne-Marie O=92Reilly
> Disobey! Nonviolence and Civil Disobedience
> How to Create a Protest Camp with Faslane Peace Camp
> Effective Affinity Groups with Rhizome
> Make Cake, Not War with Veggies
> Occupy and the Limits of Consensus with Alison Playford, Sam Halvorsen & =
George Lakey
> How (Not) to Burnout with Seeds for Change

PLUS: delicious vegan food cooked by Veggies of Nottingham, music,
film, fun and participatory entertainment, a bar, campfires, and
activities and facilities for kids and families.

We will be camping in a family-friendly and renewably-powered way from
26 to 30 July 2012 in the beautiful grounds of Crabapple Community,
near Shrewsbury in Shropshire. Join us!

Book on-line now: